Thursday, 19 November 2015

Crocheting -- My Hobby

I often Crochet when I feel boring or when i want to relax.It relieves Stress, tension after a hard day at office work and the Vibrant colours of the Yarn  provides a positive effects on eyes...
I Love Crocheting because sometimes , I find it to be soothing/healing/Meditative.It gives a practice to be patience for entirely a long time.

Crocheting enhances the creativity in many ways like exploring the colour combination, shapes, designs and finding the usage of the designs, etc...,
Each Design has a basic formula/some calculations  to follow.
The Things need for crocheting are small and handy.

                                Crochet Flowers that I made.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The Reason Why I like Rasagulla Sweet....

Everybody in my Family  likes  Paneer. When I saw in a Cookery show that Paneer can be a made at Home by using  a Milk and a Lemon Juice(easily available ingredients), I got  excited  and I prepared  paneer at home.
Also  I  tried  making Paneer from the Spoilt  milk and it came out well .So, I felt Happy that  there is no need to throw away the Sour milk/Broken milk/Spoilt  milk.

Later, I came  to know that the Sweet  that can be made from Paneer is Rasagulla  and     It 's very easy to prepare this Sweet  at home!!!  I tried it and I got appreciation for this.....
The First  and the Only Sweet that I learned to do is Rasagulla. No one in my family knows to do Rasagulla. But, they know to do   Rava Kesari, Julab Jamun and Cocunut Burfi.

Rasagulla can also be prepared using Pressure Cooker.

The Rasagulla that I made at Home.