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Friday, 4 March 2016

List of Working Classifieds

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

PTC Referrals.

My Other PTC Sites are:

To get Active Referrals, I registered in  Exchange Referral Forum
This Forum Works Great in getting Active Referrals.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Online  Data Entry Jobs-  Captcha Work.

Captcha Work is the Online Typing Job. When I heard about the Captcha Work, I thought of  giving a try.  There are many Online Captcha Entry Sites.

I  registered in  The Captcha Loads very, by the time , i try to enter the captchas, the 15 Sec/ Word  time gets Over.

Another Site is  Similar to is, the Captcha Loads very slow.

Then I felt  the Site is better than the above 2 sites. Captcha Loads Faster.
I  earned  $0.50.

Another Online Typing Job  is Good.
In this Site, the captchas Loads Very Fast. I Could type only 300 Words Per Hour.
I got $0.28 for 1011 Captchas.

There is a Captcha Entry Software/ Multi Ids Captchas Software:
Using this Software you can Work with more than One company Id's. I  saw the Demo of  how this Software Works in Google. In this Software, You can add ID's of one server or ID's of more than One Server.
Actually, at a time only One  Captcha from 1st Server (  appears, after finish typing the first captcha, the Second captcha appears that belongs to second server(, then after finishing this, the 3rd Captcha appears that belongs to 3rd Server ( again the captcha of the 1st ID appears...
But, the Captcha loads very fast like
I found that

The Captcha loading Speed of  Captcha Entry Software/ Multi Ids Captchas Software  is same as the Captcha loading Speed of

So, I felt that In , Per hour I could type 300 Captchas per hour, If  i use this Captcha Entry Software/ Multi Ids Captchas Software  , I could type the same 300 Captchas  per hour. but, the difference is only  approx. 100 captchas might be from But in one hour, I can work in 3 ID's.

And, what I feel is Working in a Single ID or Multi ID's, there is no change in the  Captcha rate of each Captcha Solving Site. And, so far i have not come across any payment proof of members working in  Captcha Entry Software/ Multi Ids Captchas Software...

This is my opinion....

Monday, 8 February 2016

AloeVera - A Medicinal Plant

My Aunty and my neighbour  who are using  Aloevera Plant told me that this Aloevera Pant should not be used in Winter Season.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Health  Benefits of  Thulasi Plants.

Thulasi  Plants Boost the Immune System.

In my house, everybody use to Drink Thulasi Water.

1.Take Some Water in the Bowl.
2.Take Some Fresh  Thulasi leaves.
3.Put the Thulasi  leaves in the Bowl of water.
4. Then , after 15-20 minutes, you can drink the Water. Not only , it tastes well, but also you feel Better than before.

In Perumal Temples and Hanuman Temples, this thulasi water will be given as Theertham.....

Friday, 5 February 2016

​A Stanza From Vishu Sahasranamam Sthotram

ஸ்ரீராம  ராம ராமேதி 
ரமே ராமே   மனோரமே |
ஸஹஸ்ரநாம   தத்துல்யம் 
ராமநாம வரானனே ||

My Grandmother said that for those  who doesn't  know ​Vishu Sahasranamam can recite this small  Stanza from Vishu Sahasranamam Sthotram.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

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Monday, 11 January 2016

ஆஞ்சநேய  பிரார்தனை  ஸ்லோகம் /Lord Hanuman Slogam

அஸாத்ய சாதக   ஸ்வாமின்  
அஸாத்யம்  தவகிம்  வத!!
ராமதூத  கிருபா  ஸிந்தோ 
த்கார்யம்  ஸாதய ப்ரபோ!

​Meaning ​: 

யாராலும்  சாதிக்க   முடியாத  காரியங்களையும் சாதிக்கும்  
வல்லவரான   ராமதூதனே - ப்ரபோ 
கருனை கடலே என்னுடைய  காரியங்களையும் சாதித்தருள்வீரா    

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Lord Murugan Slogam

வேலுண்டு  வினையில்லை , மயிலுண்டு பயமில்லை
கோழிக் கொடியுண்டு குகன்   உண்டு  குறையில்லை முருகா.... 

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Lord Vinayagar Slogam

'ஓம் கம்  கணபதயே  நமஹ '

இம் மந்திரத்தை  உச்சரித்தால்   அனைத்துக்காரியங்களும்  தடையின்றி
தானே  நடைபெறும். 

Reciting this Lord Vinayagar Slogam will Remove  All the Obstacles from your Life.