Thursday, 29 October 2015

The Temple I Visited...

Nainamalai Varadharajar Perumal Temple

This month We went to Nainamalai Varadharajar Perumal Temple in  Sendhamangalam, Namakkal District with My Family. 

This Perumal Temple is quite Different from other Perumal Temples.
Sri Nainamalai Varadharajar Perumal  Temple is Situated at the Top of Nainamalai Hill with 3700 Steps. 

At  a distance of about 5 Kms from Nainamalai Hill, adjacent  to Sendamangalam Bus Stop there is One  Perumal Temple . The God here is Lord  Nainamalai Varadharajar Perumal  placed along with Kuvalayavalli Thayar  and  Lord   Lakshmi Narayanan.
For the People Who are unable to visit  Lord Varadharajar Perumal at the Top of the Nainamalai Hill Can   visit Nainamalai Varadharajar Perumal in this Temple and can do archanas and poojas .

In the Adivaram of Nainamalai Hill, there is an  Anjaneyar Temple .

Usually People who wish to visit  Varadharajar Perumal  at the Top of Nainamalai Hill will come in Puratasi Month and they climb in  groups with other People. They'll Start Climbing in the Early Morning at around 2:30 AM to 3:30 AM (this time the  climate will be Cool ) and reach the Temple within 2 to 3 hrs...
Some People will take some rest after every 20 minutes and then start climbing....
People in and around Sendhamangalam visits  Varadharajar Perumal  at the Top of Nainamalai Hill Every Year.

Eventhough One cannot Climb 3700 steps (Nainamalai Hill Top) , It is Mandatory to climb atleast 20 - 30 Steps and  Pray  Nainamalai Varadharajar Perumal for a Minute.

                               Varadharajar Perumal Temple at Nainamalai Hill

                            Lord Varadharajar Perumal  (At the Top of Nainamalai Hill Temple)


Kuvalayavalli Thayar

      Anjaneyar (In the Varadharajar Perumal Temple at Nainamalai  Hill)

(Adivaram)Nainamalai Varadharajar Perumal Temple.

(Adivaram)Nainamalai Varadharajar Perumal Temple

Nainamalai Varadharajar Perumal Temple (Top View)

Nainamalai Varadharajar Perumal Temple (Top View)

Mandapam in  the Nainamalai Hill

Lakshmi Narayanan Temple & Nainamlai Vardharajar Perumal Temple, Sendhamangalam, Namakkal (At the distance of about 5 kms  from Nainamalai Hill)

Nainamalai Varadharajar Perumal 
( In the Lakshmi Narayanan Temple that is about 5 kms from Nainamalai Hill.For the  People who are unable to climb Nainamalai Hill can Worship Lord Nainamalai Varadharajar Perumal here.) 

Lakshmi Narayanan Temple (Inside View), Sendamangalam, Namakkal

Sree Lakshmi Narayanan Temple (Outside View), Sendamangalam, Namakkal

                                    Anjaneyar Temple  in the Adivaram of Nainamalai Hill

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